Lets Talk About Jojoba Oil!

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Lets Talk About Jojoba Oil!

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is one of those oils that lots of people have heard about but don't exactly know how to use it (I didn't). So lets learn together!

Benefits of Jojoba Oil!

First lets talk about the skin!

2) Keeps oil levels balanced.
3) Removes buildup and excess oil. 
4) Works on your face,hands,neck,feet,and hair.
5) Prevents irritations or scaly and rough patches.

Hair Time!

1) Replenishes the moisture and improves hair texture. 
2) Works as a hair sheen and hair softener. 
3) Treats dry scalp and gets rid of dandruff. 
4) Great for removing knots in your hair.
5) Treats alopecia and reverses hair loss!

Jojoba oil also contains multiple vitamins such as; Vitamin E,and Vitamin B Complex. Jojoba oil also helps to fight fungi and infections! Now how cool is that? I  think that this oil is pretty mighty. I just might add it to a new product I have up my sleeve. 

Have you used it for anything not mentioned on our list of goodies? Let us know what you've used it for!


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