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Rebuilding: A Recap

Hey y'all! I know I've been MIA the last few months, but it's definitely been for a good reason. In May my family moved from the property we were staying at, to a different one (with "non-toxic" people). Also, this summer for two months I was in good ole Arizona working as a nanny to four pretty awesome children! So now that I've kinda caught you up on everything let's jump into the cool stuff!! Ok so there are zero builders in my family! We have teachers, doctors,social workers,etc., but not one builder! Well now that we've pretty much established ourselves here in Idaho, we decided to build ourselves a cabin here in the Rocky Mountains! Honestly this adventure has...

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The Year of Twenty Day 13: There's Gotta Be More To Life

Day 13: There's Gotta Be More To Life 1) Learn Spanish. FYI, I know a little bit of Spanish because my mother is a Spanish speaker. Sad thing is I lack the fluency :/ 2) Connect With My Cousins. I have cousins in various states and countries,and there are probrably cousins I don't even know about. I want to know them or at least find out who the are.  3) Help More People. I am definitley a people person,expect ally when it comes to helping someone in a difficult situation.  4) Get This Store Running Better. I would love to make my hobby my main source of income. That would be awesome right?! I think so.  5) Spend More Time...

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