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The Year of Twenty Day 13: There's Gotta Be More To Life

Day 13: There's Gotta Be More To Life 1) Learn Spanish. FYI, I know a little bit of Spanish because my mother is a Spanish speaker. Sad thing is I lack the fluency :/ 2) Connect With My Cousins. I have cousins in various states and countries,and there are probrably cousins I don't even know about. I want to know them or at least find out who the are.  3) Help More People. I am definitley a people person,expect ally when it comes to helping someone in a difficult situation.  4) Get This Store Running Better. I would love to make my hobby my main source of income. That would be awesome right?! I think so.  5) Spend More Time...

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The Year of Twenty: 18 till 20 Switch it Up

Day 18: Switch it Up So yesterday we talked about some friendship goals, which are super important. Today we are going to talk about life goals! Yay, I know we always set New Years resolutions for ourselves but let's be real, no one really goes through with all of that.So, today let's talk about some realistic life goals that are possible to reach! Life Goals! 1) Take up a new hobby. Hobbies like sewing, gardening, and crocheting are great things that you can do to not only clear your mind, but you can also make profits from what you grow and create! 2) Fill out your Family Tree. Go spend time with the older members of your family and fill...

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