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The Year of Twenty Day 7: Foooood

Day 7: Foooood!!  Yay we made it to day 7 without anything crazy happening! That means we have exactly one week left. Eeek! But any who,today lets talk more about food. When my grandpa died some years ago,I promised him that I would keep up his legacy of cooking and baking. I think I've done a pretty good job of keeping that promise, so today, why not tell you all one of my favorite recipes!  The Not So Secret Sauce 4-5 lbs Roma tomatoes quartered   1 medium yellow onion, chopped  2 tbs extra-virgin olive oil  1/3 cup water (optional)  6 cloves minced garlic  1 tsp salt  1 tbs granulated garlic  1 tbs raw sugar (to taste) 1 small can...

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