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Rebuilding: A Recap

Building Lifestyle Vida

Hey y'all! I know I've been MIA the last few months, but it's definitely been for a good reason. In May my family moved from the property we were staying at, to a different one (with "non-toxic" people). Also, this summer for two months I was in good ole Arizona working as a nanny to four pretty awesome children! So now that I've kinda caught you up on everything let's jump into the cool stuff!! Ok so there are zero builders in my family! We have teachers, doctors,social workers,etc., but not one builder! Well now that we've pretty much established ourselves here in Idaho, we decided to build ourselves a cabin here in the Rocky Mountains! Honestly this adventure has been exciting & scary at the same time. While we were working on the shell of the house (about 3 months, because i mean we have no experience building),we stayed in tents around the building site! Crazy right?! We went from having electricity to having none, from having regular bathrooms to the great outdoors! Ok so it wasn't as bad as it might sound! My parents are pretty creative folk, they created an outdoor kitchen with running water, an unsuspecting outhouse,and a outdoor shower (all from scratch mind you)! I know you're probably wondering how did we all survive, well let me tell you how awesome my God is! He has brought many people into our lives who have different skill sets and different gifts! If we hadn't of had those people in our lives we probably would have quit or be living in town somewhere. There are three essential tips I want to share with you that I've learned so far during this experience.


Tenting it: 3 Tips I survived with!

1) Don't be afraid of getting dirty! When you are out in nature it's ok to get dirty, there is water to get all the dirt off later. Go dig a hole, plant a garden,play with the animals,go pick some berries! Adventure is there for anyone who seeks it, you just have to get up and take charge!

2) Make the most of every moment! Don't think of what you don't have anymore,God probably moved you out of that environment to teach you a lesson! Being out here has taught me to be more patient, because nothing ever happens as fast as you want it to (especially if you aren't helping)

3) Share! Don't be ashamed of the lifestyle you are living! Share your experiences with others, who knows you just might inspire somebody to get out of their comfort zone! You never know how many people are watching what you are doing, whether it's from a social media post or a conversation you were having with someone. People will share what they hear you say if it touches them in a special way! Be a light and inspire others with the life God has called you to!

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  • Nora on

    Hello Da Costa Family! Your experiences in moving to the country in FAITH is truly an inspiration to those who are contemplating country living but afraid of the unknown. You have shown us how God works in many mysterious ways because you are giving your full trust in Him. Please keep posting about your experiences and bless others! Keep warm !

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