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The Year Of Twenty Day 2: As Time Closes

Day 2: As Time Closes
You guys tomorrow is the big day!! This has been an amazing experience to write to you each day. To be able to write down my thoughts and ideas was pretty cool. Now as tomorrow comes closer lets do a recap on what we've talked about the last 21 days. 
Day 21: Travel
Day 20: Finance
Day 19: Friendships 
Day 18: Life Goals 
Day 17: Giving 
Day 16: Inspiring Quotes 
Day 15: Music
Day 14: Healthy Oils
Day 13: More to Life
Day 12: Yummy Recipes Pt. 1
Day 11: DIY
Day 10: Gardening 
Day 8: Fun Times
Day 7: Food Pt. 2
Day 5: Word of Wisdom
Day 4: Bucket List 
Day 3: Memory Lane

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