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The Year of Twenty Day 3: Memory Lane

Day 3: Memory Lane
So as we are only 3 days away from the long awaited "Big 20", let's take a walk down memory lane. Tonight I'll give you a list of things I was able to accomplish that seemed impossible to me and try to explain how. So, here are my "Top 3 Accomplishments" 
1) Started my online store. When I first started QTco it was all by word of mouth. Now, I utilize the wonderful Internet to use to sell my products and advertise. I tried Etsy and that failed, I tried just using Facebook but no one is interested on there. I finally found Shopify and the rest is history. 
2) Go on a mission trip alone. I had always heard other people's stories about going to other countries and helping people. I always wanted to go, but never did. But in 2013 I finally go the opportunity to go on a mission trip and it was amazing! That is an experience that I would love to repeat over and over again. 
3) Finish school. I graduated highschool in 2014. I know it may not seem as a big deal, but in this day and age it's a huge deal because tons of kids are just dropping out of school and doing nothing with their lives. But, not only did I graduate from highschool that year, I also did a Medical Missinary training program that same year for five months in Colorado and finished with good "grades". It's a big deal for me because I wasn't the biggest fan of school in the first place. PTL!

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