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The Year of Twenty Day 8: Fun Times

Day 8: Fun Times 
As I sit here writing today's post, I am talking to the the wonderful Natalie Hunter and her sister Jenny. We were trying to figure out tonight's topic and came up with the topic "Why it's so hard to post everyday." So here it goes. 
1) You get distracted by activities going on around you. 
2) People call from out of state and you have to take the call. 
3) Procrastination is a girls bestfriend sometimes...
4) You just get really lazy and don't want to do anything.
5) Writers block is a real thing guys! 
6) Sometimes people get bored real easily, hence the reason why some people only blog once a week. 
7) You just forget sometimes..
 I know some people will be able to relate to this post, because I know each and everyone of us has/had that procrastination bug once or twice. Enjoy!

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