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The Year of Twenty: 18 till 20 Switch it Up

Goals Life Goals Switch it Up

Day 18: Switch it Up
So yesterday we talked about some friendship goals, which are super important. Today we are going to talk about life goals! Yay, I know we always set New Years resolutions for ourselves but let's be real, no one really goes through with all of that.So, today let's talk about some realistic life goals that are possible to reach!
Life Goals!
1) Take up a new hobby. Hobbies like sewing, gardening, and crocheting are great things that you can do to not only clear your mind, but you can also make profits from what you grow and create!
2) Fill out your Family Tree. Go spend time with the older members of your family and fill in those missing leaves on your tree. Learn more about where you came from, because one day they won't be around to tell their stories.
3) Learn a new language that you know will be useful in your personal or business life. Maybe pick up Spanish or ASL! Both allow you to not only meet new people but it creates new opportunities for you to help when least expected.
4) Be more active! No, that doesn't mean go get a gym membership. It could simply just mean going on a short walk after you've eaten lunch. It's easy and simple, and not too much of a hassle either.
5) Write out your life story. Keep a diary, or write a book about your life and the crazy amazing things that have happened in your life. Who knows maybe someone will read it a do be inspired.
6) Make time for yourself. Set aside time for yourself everyday to read, crochet, or just to relax. Me time is an important key to staying sane.
7) Get organized. Organize your room, your life, your clothes. Be neater in general.
8) Learn a practical life skill. Go outside and gain a green thumb, go help dad change the breaks on the rig, learn to cook your favorite meal.
9) Become an entrepreneur. Work for yourself,create something you know others will enjoy and buy. Build an empire!
10) Grow your own food! Go plant a garden in your backyard, or start some seeds inside if it's too cold out. Learn the value of natural and organic foods, also you'll know you can trust where your food is coming from!
Now y'all, I'm not saying to do all of these things, maybe just pick 1 or 2 and see where it gets you. Hey, you might even enjoy your life more while trying to fulfill these goals.

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