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The Year of Twenty:19 till 20 Cherish the Moments

Better friendships friend goals

Day 19: Cherish the Moments 
Today we are going to talk about friendship. I know I know, may be a little cheesy but oh well. Over the years I have learned what the true friendship is. I've always had that one person that was my main best friend, but you know the sad part is that no one else knew. Thinking back now, I wonder what I could have done better. But, you know the funny thing is I wouldn't change anything. Even though at school we hung out with completely different crowds, that didn't affect the way we acted around each other. My mom used to bug me all the time about,"How come you don't hang out with Maria?" Honestly, I felt that I needed to be liked by other people, branch out and explore a little. We still hung out every so often and when we did it was as if we spent every single day together, we never skipped a beat. Today it's the same, she has her group of friends and I have mine, but we will always have each other.
This summer we were talking about all the drama in our lives and what has happened in the past, and we realized none of the drama we've had was with each other. Can you imagine being friends for 14 years and never having a significant fight or argument? Let me tell you something, with the friends that I've had for just 6 years, we've had our share of arguments.
So here's to keeping that friendship bond stronger than ever. Today, I give you my goals for my friendships.
Friendship Goals!
1) Make more time for each other. Set a time aside for only communicating with your closest friends, whether it be on FaceTime, Facebook, a phone call, or even writing them a letter.
2) Let them know they are still an important part of your life. Shoot them a quick note to tell them how much you appreciate them.
3) Sharing is caring. Even if you are far apart from your bestie share significant life moments with them, like exciting news!
4) Always listen. Be a great shoulder to cry on, the one who they confide in. Make yourself available to listen to what they have to say.
5) Remember. Reminisce on the happier times and days with each other. Laugh about that weird outfit you used to wear or a silly crush you had on some guy on TV.

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