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The Year of Twenty: 20 till 20 Save Your Pennies

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Day 20: Save Your Pennies
Today is day 20! So let's get right into it. Today as we traveled to Spokane, Washington I was trying to figure out what in the world am I going to talk about today?! Well guess what it is guys! Drumroll please..... Shopping!! Ok, I know we all love to do a little retail therapy and trust me I do too, but over the last few years I've learned how to spend my money and how to get the most out of it. So here are today's tips.
Shopping 101
1) The Clearance Section!!
Just because Target is having an amazing sale does not mean we have to buy every single thing in their amazingly priced clearance section. Now, I'm not saying to stop buying from Target heck it's one of my most favorite stores ever. I'm just saying guard your heart and your wallet,because we all know when we go into any store and see the big clearance signs we are automatically drawn to that area and buy things we know are not necessary in our lives. Yes I'm talking about that adorable penguin candle holder you just walked past!
2) Get More for Less.
If you know me personally that I am a huge fan of thrift shopping. Full price is never in my vocabulary unless it is absolutely necessary. I mean who needs to buy a Hollister hoodie for $40.00 when you can get it for $5.00 at Goodwill (yes I've done it). So find the best deals,compare prices, look at thrift stores they are your best friend especially if you are like me and have no money to begin with!
3) Make a Shopping List & Set a Budget.
If you're one of those people who goes into Costco for just two items and comes out with thirty you know there's a problem. Have a set budget and a list before you head into that war zone! Please it's best for your wallet and your sanity I promise.
4) Recycle.
If you know you are getting ready to do some more shopping, go through your closets and drawers and remove things you haven't touched in a while. Whenever I know I need to add a few items to my wardrobe (not that it's huge or anything) I always go grab a trash bag, boot up and see what they are accepting for that season. Not only do I get rid of some of my own clothes but I earn a little money while doing so, cool right? Another thing I do is, if I don't have anything to sell Goodwill will forever be my best friend, because they are always accepting donations!
5) Buy Bulk!
Ok, so now let's get out of the clothes zone and into the food one. I mean some on shopping can work up an appetite right? Well I've learned that buying your grains,flours,seasonings,beans,and even cat food in bulk is way better than buying it in smaller amounts. Therefore, WinCo in my favorite grocery store. When you buy your foods in bulk, you not only save on having to make extra trips during the month to the store, but you also always save money! Buying in bulk has honestly saved my family lots of money, we are always in the kitchen cooking or baking so being able to have all the flour we need is awesome!

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