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The Year of Twenty: 21 till 20 The Countdown Begins

Day 21: Is it a bird? No it's a plane! ✈️

    Today marks twenty-one days until my teenage years are officially over!! Sounds scary right?! Well, to help make the transition into my new year a little less painful, I thought that everyday I would create a list of 21 things that I'm looking forward to doing in my twentieth year or that I've already accomplished before I turned twenty. So let's begin.

Something that I've noticed on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, is that a lot of people would love to travel, but most people are just dreaming about it and haven't actually done it yet! Well, one way to actually accomplish leaving the country at least once in your life is to go on a mission trip! That's how I did it. It wasn't my first time leaving the country, but it was my first time leaving the country on my own! I was so excited! I didn't learn about the trip until two weeks before! Can you believe that? Well it happened, and by the grace of God, I was able to raise all the money I needed and more before leaving for Perú. Now since I've been able to cross that off of my bucket list, I decided I could be able to share some trip preparation tips.


1) Know about your trip at least 2 months before leaving.Now I'm not saying a spontaneous trip is completely out of the question, but it would be a lot better to have everything planned out ahead of time.

2) Brush up on the native language of the country you are going to (trust me it helps a lot!) When I went to Peru, I thought the little Spanish I knew would help me get by. Ha, it barely helped, because their Spanish is slightly different than the Spanish we learned in our high-school class. So definitely brush up, the app Duolingo is amazing for that!

3) Check the weather! Make sure you know what season it's going to be when you get there! When I arrived I was cold! I had totally figured that since it was summer in California that it was going to be summer in Peru too. It was winter...

4) Do not buy souvenirs at the airport, you will go broke. It's always more fun to go shopping at the local markets and stores, not only will you get more authentic gifts and trinkets, but you will also be able to soak up a little more of the culture of the place you are visiting.

5) Get your money exchanged to the currency of that country and study it! It will definitely help to know the currency and how much it exchanges to, so you know how much you want to take for spending money. It will also help to know you are getting the proper change back.

6) Take your camera and a journal! Remember each day through words and pictures. You may not even want to journal, I mean hey it is the 21st century, why not vlog? Another idea would be a video blog. Record different parts of your day or at the end of the day talk about what you did that day so you'll always remember.

7) Meet new people! While I was in Peru I made at least 20 new friends, granted I was on a mission trip and sleeping in different people's houses. But still make it a point to get people's email address or Facebook names so that you can keep in contact and be able to say that you have friends in different parts of the world, cool right?

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