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It's not just Lotion!


While living in the beautiful country of Jamaica, Jonathan unexpectedly broke out in a rash on both of his arms. His mother was unaware that anything was wrong, until she saw him scratching his arms the next morning!

According to her she saw, “the most horrible rash I’ve ever seen”. She immediately went to his suitcase and grabbed his CoMag salve ( after winning a fight with a roach 😉). She reports that, “the itching stopped immediately”, and after a day and half of applying the salve to his arms in the morning and night, his rash had completely scabbed over.

Now this is not the first time they've used QTco products. Over the last 5 years Jonathan and his family have been using QTco lotions and salves to help with a plethora of annoying skin problems; dry skin, rashes, and eczema. This is just one of their stories.